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About Leaderjoy


Leader Joy Industrial Group was formally established in May of 2006, which focuses on early childhood education, dedicating to the R&D (Research& Development),manufacture and after-sale service of teaching materials. Currently, Leader Joy mainly deals with Premium quality Montessori teaching materials in the area of sensorial, mathematics, geographic, language, science,  culture, practical life and Infant &Toddler products. The Company also develops family kits, educational toys and other related products to experience Montessori method at home.

The Company enjoys more than 53,800 sq ft production base in Zhejiang Province,introduces international production equipments from Germany and Taiwan to be in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standards and strictly control product quality. In order to provide better service to international clients, our group establishes an import & export company entitled Leader Joy Import & Export Co. Ltd., which is recorded at the China customs, mainly deals with import of grade A timber and export of products. The strong R&D team of experts and experienced outstanding production team are the solid foundation of  Leader Joy Group.

 All the time, the Company has cooperated with many domestic and foreign top preschool institutions and Montessori Associations.Coupled with its own R & D production capacity, through continuous improvement and perfection, the Company makes its products favored by clients in more than 20 exhibitions and exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, Australia and other countries and regions.The products are not only recognized and sought after by clients, but also become popular brand for many years continuously, and were rated as the most international competitive brand by clients from 2012 to 2014 and teaching material service provider with the most potentials in China by industry experts, which marks a milestone for the development of Leaders' Joy.

We love children, who are the future of the world. We have been working hard for enabling every child enjoy international first-class education and boast a meaningful childhood.


The company positions in high-end market. All the products are sold after strict inspection. This is our firm principle from beginning to end.


We are committed to providing high quality products with reasonable price and convenient way to purchase and creating a new era of e-shopping experience for you! We are committed to operating in accordance with strict national regulations and policies. Our products are authentic with complete warranty, return and after sale service system. To enable you better understand our products, we provide full scale high-resolution digital photos for all of them. Meanwhile, we employ a variety of convenient payment and safe, fast delivery system, follow up orders through advanced Internet technology, and ensure the security and confidentiality of all client information.

Nature of Enterprise

Leader Joy Industrial Group is the most potential enterprise dealing with R&D (Research & Development), production and sales of Montessori teaching materials, which is rated as Montessori materials provider with the most potential in China by education experts.

Enterprise Culture

Our mission: to help early education institutions/schools be more successful, to promote harmony of family and society, and to strive for peaceful education.

Our vision: to become a world-class Montessori learning materials leading company, to create a world-class brand of Montessori learning materials.

Soul of our culture: School + Family + Team

Our core values: love, responsibility, gratitude!

Our business philosophy:  quality and service is the life of enterprise.

Development course:

1. In May of 2006, Leader Joy Industrial Group was formally established in HK.

2. In 2007, LEADER JOY has set up more than 320,00 sq. ft. production base in a County of Zhejiang Province, successfully manufactured six series of products and attends the second session of Montessori education conference organized by Chinese Montessori Society at East China Normal University in Shanghai for the first time.

3. In 2008, Leader Joy attends HK Toys Fair for the first time and wins great popularity.

4. In 2009, the production base is renamed to Leader Joy Teaching Materials & Toys Factory, and develops exclusive non-chipping vanishing paint process.

5. In 2010, Leader Joy attends Germany Nuremberg Toy Fair for the first time, and successfully enters the European market.

6. In 2011, Leader Joy establishes an Import & Export company entitled Leader Joy Import& Export Co. Ltd., and invests heavily in inventory to provide fast delivery service for all clients.

7. In 2012, Leader Joy expands its production scale and moves the production base to another city of Zhejiang Province, which is entitled  Leader Joy Wood Industry Company. From this year, the Company provides Montessori materials for American Montessori Society (AMS) in China Shanghai center , which marks our product quality of Leader Joy win international recognition!

8. In 2013, the Company starts the R&D of products of practical life materials,kindergarten furniture, and provides early childhood education consulting and training services to our clients. From this year, the Company officially cooperates with American Montessori Institution (AMI) in China Hangzhou center, and provides it with full set of Montessori materials and furniture, which marks our product quality of Leader Joy recognized by the most authoritative     organization of the industry!

9. In February of 2014, Leader Joy formally establishes a subsidiary entitled LEADER JOY MONTESSORI USA in Seattle of Washington State of U.S.A

Leader Joy will provide service for more schools/association in the United States, to bring more international resources and sincere service for our customers.

10. 2015....

Brand Logo

Leader:  Leadership, leading, makes the company become an industry bench mark and be in a leading role.

Joy:   Satisfy all related parties,  clients and users.

◇ The A, D, O in the graphics are in the shape of triangle, square and circle, which embody not only the industry characteristics of the enterprise as a teaching materials provider, but also the satisfaction and wisdom children get from products of Leader Joy.

◇ All graphics are in red, yellow, blue respectively, a symbol of our love, passion and ideal for the industry.

◇ The entire sign shows the passion of Leader Joy to be an everlasting company.